Sea level rise


I created this work for the article Sea level rise featured in magazine focused on ecology in 2017. The work was about how the global warming influences the seas level.


“... The Greenland ice sheet is studded with meltwater streams, rivers and lakes. The rate of melt is alarming many scientists. Both ice melt and thermal expansion are causing a significant rise in global sea levels. Warmer temperatures are threatening some marine animal and plant species, like these bleached coral on the Great Barrier Reef. Scientists also predict that some birds, like the black-legged kittiwakes in Nor- way, may soon die off in warmer waters.”


Sea Level Rise, Magazine Article 2017, Online.
Size — 1920x1357px. Summary: Sea Level Rise. Author: Egor Gradov


Client — Magazine about ecology

Date — July, 2017

Art direction —