Hi! My name is Ylya Yod (Илья Йод) and I am an editorial illustrator working worldwide. I studied at EESI (European School of Image, France), receiving my Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Illustration and Photography. I have been involved in different projects which have allowed me to advance my creativity and technical skills. Feel free to connect with me here or on facebook. Until then, I will be drawing something new.


"Sometimes you don’t need much to explain life and its routine goings on. Sometimes just 2 Lines are enough, as in the case of French artist Ylya Yod (before Ilya Ioj) and this series of minimalist illustrations. Here, Ilya captures a number of life’s moments with just 2 cleverly illustrated lines – there’s something very calming about this don’t you think?!"

Monde Mag


"When I first spotted these illustrations by Ylya Yod, my mind immediately jumped to retro computer games, or perhaps Steven Lisberger's epic Tron. With a Tetris-like charm and 1980s colour palette, the work is both vintage sci-fi and futuristic at the same time."


Creative boom